Thinking About Working in Construction?

Just like the majority of the country, we are seeing a shortage in skilled workers. Is this due to the current state of the world, or people are misinformed about the industry? Probably both… but, just in case you are in the market for a career change, here are a few reasons to consider construction!

Job Security

We all want to make sure our jobs will not be replaced by robots. Construction is an industry that is always going to need skilled workers. As previously stated, there is a major shortage of skilled workers in the industry, and construction will remain in demand for an indefinite amount of years. New homes will need to be constructed, office buildings expanded, hospitals renovated, remodeling old buildings, and fixing the roads we commute on. You can guarantee that construction will be around when your grandchildren have grandchildren!

Job Satisfaction

Have you ever driven by the newest building in town everyone is drooling over? What about a hospital, or transportation station? While they may not seem “exciting”, they make a critical difference in people’s daily lives. Being able to say, “I did that”, brings a special satisfaction no one will quite understand. Knowing you have physically changed the world, improved lives, and left a legacy for the next generation to admire is enough to make anyone love their job.

Contributing to the economy

The United States’ economy is closely linked with the construction industry. Construction provides jobs, funds and brings new and exciting life into the community. It creates the buildings and infrastructure critical to keep the economy moving forward.

Something new everyday

Every site brings new and different challenges. Each site brings a new set of team members, both from within your company, and outside. The possibilities are endless, and everchanging. Doing something new everyday helps avoid job stagnation that leads to burnout and decreased productivity.

A degree is not needed. 

While several people do have degrees in the industry, there are several positions where one is not needed. A degree of any type is welcomed and may help you navigate your job easier, but, they are simply not required. In fast, the CEO of our company does not have any type of college degree!

Advancement opportunities 

Depending on your company, there are several advancement opportunities for all. Would you like to be a Superintendent instead of a Carpenter? Human Resources Administrative Assistant instead of a Receptionist? Project Manager instead of a Project Engineer? Of course these are just a few of the advancement opportunities, but the list is endless.

Does Laux Construction have any openings? 

Laux Construction currently does have vacant positions open for several spots. We always accept applications and would be more than happy to have a meeting with you regarding employment!

We hope you have enjoyed learning a small bit about the construction industry. Tell us in the comments what you have learned!

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