From February 2021 to May 2022, our team was working diligently on the improvements and upgrades for this local park in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. The park has been available for use since 1897 and has received few renovations before us. The park now is open to the public once again, and is much safer and more enjoyable! The new bridge on the west side of the island can hold many more families and also has a fishing pier pointing downstream for fishers to cast out comfortably, as well as sit. The island also has a new retaining wall all around with concrete flatwork to allow standing room for fishers. Before, the island flooded very easily and was beginning to shrink each year. Now with the new wall, the island was ‘raised’ 8 inches and flooding is no longer an issue. The island also is equipped with a brand-new playground with multiple slides and swings, with a PIP surfacing to allow a much softer interaction with the ground in case of any falls. Along with island improvements, we also constructed two new boardwalks along the river on each side of E. Knight Street. Both boardwalks are also equipped with fishing piers so multiple families and locals can enjoy the same space without interfering with each other’s activity. This project also received First Place for ABCGMC Excellence in Construction for GC/CM Addition and Renovation $1-5 million!

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