5 Reasons Why Subcontractors Should Be Celebrated

Whenever we post to our social media, you may notice we say ‘our team’ regarding those working on a project. While ‘our team’ does involve those who work for Laux Construction, we’re also recognizing those who are working alongside us from other businesses. These team members are from subcontractors we have partnered with to complete a project. Subcontractors are businesses who specialize in specific areas of construction and design such as masonry, electrical, wood, and others. They are essential team members for our projects here at Laux, and we want to tell you 5 reasons why we appreciate our amazing ‘subs’!

  1. They bring deeper knowledge to areas of construction.

General contractors have staff that understand many areas of a project, but it is sometimes better to have a subcontractor step in and take charge of that area. This is especially helpful when you are booked for a season and need to address many projects in a short time frame. For example, Swanson Electric from Charlotte has been a great help with all the electrical upgrades to the First Baptist Church in Charlotte for us. They have installed new exit signs and will be wiring all the new overhead lighting and stage lighting in the sanctuary. Thank you, Swanson Electric!

Swanson Electric installing new Exit signs in the First Baptist of Charlotte Sanctuary.
Swanson Electric installing new Exit signs in the First Baptist of Charlotte Sanctuary.
2. Provide ways to save on costs while receiving high quality materials and items.

Since the subcontractors have a deeper knowledge of their craft, they also are the best people to ask about costs. Staying within a project’s budget is of utmost importance. They can research and plan different materials costs and present the materials that are not only budget friendly, but also reliable.

3. Help each other grow client and community outreach.

The relationships between general contractor and subcontractors are one of the many things that create an amazing project. When you can trust another business to come to a project and do their best work, the project goes faster and is more enjoyable for everyone! Friendships are created amongst all team members, and is shown by the work done. Subsequently, when the work is complete, the project owners have confidence in telling others about the amazing work we’ve all done with their space! Social media is a great place to recognize each other by tagging them in projects, just like Asbestos Abatement Inc did for our project together!

4. They represent us!

One important aspect of choosing subcontractors is that they are representing your company. This sounds daunting, but it’s really a motivator for them to do their best. Not only do they have their company to vouch for, but also the subcontractors that will work after them on other tasks, as well as the general contractor and project owner. Depending on the company and project, subcontractors will be on site without supervision from the general contractor. This is the ultimate representation, as it not only builds respect but trust.

5. Subcontractors are available in many different industries.

Many people think of subcontractors only being in the construction industry, but that’s not the case. Many industries have subcontractors but refer to them as ‘temporary employees’. Temporary jobs are available in every industry in the world and are also good opportunities to be briefly introduced to a field if you’re deciding which one to choose.

General contractors and subcontractors rely on each other to not only perform well but represent each other well too. Our goal is the same – to provide an amazing project to the client. At Laux Construction, we have worked with SO many amazing subcontractors, and we have built many great relationships. The following subcontractors are just a few of those who we have the honor of working with on almost EVERY project we complete! Click their logo to check out their business!

Web capture_23-3-2022_1432_www.afpmi.net

Trust is one the things we build well at Laux Construction, and we appreciate being able to do so with others in this industry. If you liked this blog, please share it with your friends, family, and colleagues via the icons below! Also, feel free to leave a comment thanking your subcontractors, or recommendations for topics you’d like to learn about!

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