5 Reasons to Work In Construction

Have you ever thought about working in construction, but the idea was intimidating? The industry is extremely large and vast, but the work is incredibly needed. We took it upon ourselves to provide 5 reasons why you should consider entering the construction work force, and possibly here at Laux!

Project Managers, Brian Stiebe (L) and Brandon Garred (R), and Director of Project Management and Estimating, Chris Martin (M), holding awards granted to Laux Construction by ABC Greater Michigan Chapter.

1. Rewarding

How cool would it feel to drive past a project and think ‘I helped build that’! Being on a construction site for 8 or more hours a day sounds daunting, however you will unintentionally be working out (goodbye gym membership)! Since you will be moving your body, you could experience less stress and/or diminish anxiety and depression. Construction is a great idea for those who are hands-on, as you can see your progress throughout, and after the project has been completed!

2. Variety of Projects

Projects range anywhere from a simple sidewalk patching to building a skyscraper in New York City. There are many different types of construction, with the main being –

  • Residential Building (renovating, remodeling, and building housing)
  • Institutional and Commercial Building (Schools, Athletic Facilities, Retail, etc.)
  • Specialized Industrial Construction (high specialization such as chemical and oil refineries)
  • Infrastructure and Heavy Construction (railways, roads, bridges, etc.)

These can then be broken down into sectors, and then into specific uses, and so on. Here at Laux, we mainly focus on Commercial Construction; however, we have experience in Residential, Institutional, Governmental, and Medical. Projects also must have staff, which is just as vast as the projects themselves!

Heather Kirchen – Project Management Assistant and Bidding/Estimating

3. Different Jobs

Construction is limitless, meaning you don’t have to have only one specialty. For instance, here at Laux Construction, Heather Kirchen is a Project Management Assistant and works on the Bidding and Estimating team. As a PMA, Heather assists the Project Manager(PM) with work orders, communication with the subcontractors, and checking job clearances. She also will update Procore with any changes such as addresses, trade updates, and add new subcontractors. On the bidding side of things, Heather check for daily updates regarding new projects, and provides any drawings and specifications to the PM to check out! She also creates the bid packages for our projects and updates our company calendar so our staff is aware of upcoming deadlines and meetings regarding biddings. Heather is super helpful across the office, and can also be found assisting Carol, our receptionist, with any waivers needed as well. Thank you, Heather! Laux also has Project Managers and Engineers, Site Superintendents, Laborers, Truck Drivers, and other positions! If you’d prefer to just focus on one area, there are so many available opportunities in this industry! You can be a Construction Manager, an Architect, or a Receptionist; or you can be a Carpenter, an Electrician, or a Foreman.

4. Learning and Training

Because there’s so many jobs, there’s so much to learn! You will have the opportunity to connect with those who’ve been in the industry for generations, and those who are new and learning along with you. Some companies offer apprenticeships so you can complete your degree, while gaining hands-on experience at the same time! Construction is also a great place for learning as inspections are completed frequently, allowing you to receive feedback on your work and ask questions.

5. Always in Demand

Construction will never not be hiring. This industry is required everywhere in the world, including countries who aren’t as technologically advanced. Depending on where you live, the need for construction can slow down when the weather becomes too cold or hot. If work slows down, and you desire more responsibilities, it isn’t hard to find more work! It’s also one of the few industries that will have the same work for you when you’re ready. While sustainability efforts and new structure designs are created every day, projects will always need someone who can install drywall, paint evenly, or drive and deliver to sites!

Laux Staff gathered for an Employee Appreciation Event

We hope this brings some peace of mind and helps you make the best decision for your future! Once you can get off the fence of thinking, we hope you grab a hammer and start building your future in construction! Like our Facebook Page so when we are hiring, you can apply! If you liked this blog, feel free to share it on your socials by clicking the icons below! Feel free to also leave a comment below as well!

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